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This page exists to document adventure and exploration. To capture thrills and challenges – fleeting moments that somehow stay frozen in your mind forever. Experiencing nature in its many forms has given some of the best memories of my life. Through this site I am lucky enough to share some of these moments.

Enjoy the journey.


Red Bull, Josh Sampiero, 12.08.15:

The rocks of Pedra Branca stand 26km from the southernmost point of land in Australia – well, technically it’s the Tasmania part of Australia. Sticking out of the Tasmanian Ocean, the rocks are a magnet for massive south swells coming up from the Antarctic. Big, mean, cold waves. Waves that hurt. Known for years as a tow-in spot for only the most fearless, unpredictable winds have kept windsurfers ashore – until now.

Realising the dreams of his countryman Jason Polakow, Australian pro windsurfer and student Alastair McLeod is the first windsurfer to ride the wave…

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Sweet As — New Zealand, 2016

A short trip across the Tasman to the land of the kiwi, lots of sheep, overzealous camp rangers and more importantly a bunch of long, rocky left hand waves.

A sweet as sample of some New Zealand windsurfing. I’ll be back.

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Sweet As from Alastair McLeod on Vimeo.

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