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Mauritius 2 - Video - 9/8/13

So One Eye is somewhere I've wanted to sail for quite a while, but I never really had an idea of what the set up is like - only that it is gnarly... (continue reading)

One Eye


Mauritius 1 - 4/8/13

So we had 15 days in Le Morne, Mauritius. It is an amazingly scenic place, with perfect weather, blue water and one of the world's best windsurfing waves... (continue reading)

One Eye


"Study Break" - 28/6/13

So after getting three exams done, I had a week until the final one. To make the most of this opportunity I headed home to Cairns to escape the cold... (continue reading)

Great Barrier Reef


Waves! - 10/6/13

I haven't been getting much action, partly to do with the lack of anything going on and partly to do with upcoming university exams. As typical, right when you need to study the forecast looks good! (continue reading)