Alastair McLeod becomes the first windsurfer to ride Tasmania’s ultra-remote slab wave. Read the full article on Red Bull

The rocks of Pedra Branca stand 26km from the southernmost point of land in Australia – well, technically it’s the Tasmania part of Australia. Sticking out of the Tasmanian Ocean, the rocks are a magnet for massive south swells coming up from the Antarctic. Big, mean, cold waves. Waves that hurt. Known for years as a tow-in spot for only the most fearless, unpredictable winds have kept windsurfers ashore – until now. Realising the dreams of his countryman Jason Polakow, Australian pro windsurfer and student Alastair McLeod is the first windsurfer to ride the wave.

alastair mcleod windsurfing pedra branca tasmania for red bull

“There are two big rocks: Pedra Branca and Eddystone,” says McLeod. “The wave comes up out of super-deep water at Eddystone and breaks over a reef shelf. There are two sections – this totally hellish slab, then more of a wall that barrels.”
In windsurfing terms, that’s incredibly scary, followed by slightly less scary. And the results of a wipeout? “Every one who surfed here and wiped out has had a serious injury,” says the 23-year-old. “Broken legs, being knocked unconscious, torn muscles – the truth is, death is a real possibility if you go over the falls.”


alastair mcleod windsurfing pedra branca tasmania for red bull

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