It isn’t a secret that Phillip Island is my favourite all round spot for windsurfing and surfing in Victoria. Reliable swell and heaps of different beaches means that you can have fun in the water nearly every day.

pyramid rock phillip island sunrise

The Island is only an hour and a half from Melbourne, but camping down gives you a huge amount of flexibility. Beautiful early sunrises, empty waves before the Melbourne crew turn up – or even epic windsurfing late in the golden evening light.

Choose a forecast with two or three good looking days in a row and make the most of it.

flynns reef surf phillip island

Give me a left hand reef break, barely anyone around and strong cross off wind and I’m a happy man. This wasn’t an epic, epic session – but it was definitely damn fun.

We are lucky to have such quality spots with very few people hassling to share them.

alastair mcleod windsurfing cat bay phillip island

All photos thanks to Olivia Hughes / Untracked.Media

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