‘The rocks of Pedra Branca stand 30km from the southernmost point of land of Australia’s Tasmania. Sticking out of the Tasmanian Ocean, the rocks are a magnet for massive swells coming up from the Antarctic. The wave that breaks there is no ordinary wave – it’s a monster that lives where the world ends. 22 fishermen and scientists have died out there there. Trips out here usually involve helicopters, boats and rescue teams. Known for years as a surfing tow-in spot for only the most fearless, unpredictable winds have kept windsurfers ashore – until now.’

alastair mcleod windsurfing pedra branca tasmania for red bull

In 2015, Australian windsurfer and student Alastair McLeod, teamed up with Tasmanian big wave surfer Marti Paradisis to plan, prepare, forecast and learn the conditions required to windsurf out to Pedra Branca and ride the monster of a wave. Riding a wave at Pedra Branca isn’t the first challenge – getting out to and catching it is. When else do you get the chance to face your fears? When else do you get a chance to be with your own private monster?

The Construction Site
Date: Date 2015
Producer: George Opadchy
Director of Photography: Curtis Redden
Post Production & Editor: Curtis Redden
Cinematographers: Curtis Redden, Blake Copland, Ben Raymond
Executive Producer: Wolfgang Merkel (Red Bull Media House)

Watch the documentary here.

alastair mcleod windsurfing pedra branca tasmania for red bull

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